The vitryat vineyard is: colors that change with the seasons, winemakers with a big heart and a nectar that will awaken your taste buds

We invite you to discover the Champagne des Coteaux Vitryats which offers varied landscapes in the plains, meadows and vineyards, less than an hour from Lac du Der.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to admire these typical views of our territory, we suggest that you take the Champagne Tourist Route, which will guide you to our countryside villages that look like Champagne.

Stop at Vitry-en-Perthois and head to the highest point of Mont de Fourche. Worth a look.

Leave your vehicle at the entrance of the path and take the path to climb to the site. Even if the climb requires some effort, when you reach your destination, facing this mosaic of terroir, everything will be forgotten!

This decor is particularly pleasant, and we tested it for you at dawn or at sunset, it inspires photography.

Meet our winegrowersexciting and passionate people who welcome you as at home in a friendly atmosphere. You will be introduced to the tasting of our specific beverage "Le Chardonnay" in golden colors, known for its finesse and radiance.

To consume obviously with moderation and above all, a champagne is a champagne drunk at the right time and with the right people !