Discover the largest artificial lake in Europe, a true inland sea

In 1974, after 10 years of gigantic work, Lac du Der was born in the heart of Champagne.

The lake is above all a reservoir designed to regulate the water levels of the Marne river which supplies the Seine. Indispensable to avoid floods and feed rivers during low water, Lac du Der offers breathtaking landscapes throughout the seasons.

Many of you are surprised by the spectacle of nature at Lac du Der. Take a break along the cycle paths overlooking the lake or in the heart of a forest of 300-year-old oaks to contemplate it.

When Lac du Der fills up completely in spring, its colors take on a bluish tone until turquoise. The green of the trees bursts into the light ...
Take a good bowl 'Der' while crossing the forest by the numerous cycle paths or succumb to nautical pleasures from April.In summer, your children will appreciate the 27 ° C of water near the 6 furnished sandy beaches .

The ride in a sightseeing boat, motor or electric, is a must. No permit required to dive into the heart of Lac du Der.

Do you prefer to have your feet on the ground? Let yourself be guided along the largest dike in the lake by the driver of the tourist train. From February to November , he will tell you the history of the lake, its fauna, its flora and the Champagne countryside.

Another highlight of Lac du Der, when it empties at the end of autumn and nature appropriates every corner covered by the waves in spring.

The spectacle is at the rendezvous from daybreak with the flight of tens of thousands of Common Cranes that caress the still sleeping sky. The lake is artificial, yet it has helped nature with quiet areas reserved for the 300 species of birds identified to date.

Share these incredible moments with our birdwatching experts who accompany you all year round to spy on them.

For us, Lac du Der is much more than a body of water; it's a place to disconnect , have fun with family and simply have fun.